Gradually fit Quality into Continuous Delivery pipeline

In last few blogs, I discussed about the significance of creating appreciating environment for successful CI to CD transition and some tips about preparing your QA’s for Agile and CD transition. I thought it’ll be nice to post this short write-up that shows what would it take to gradually plug into CD pipeline.

Fit Quality in CD pipeline

Hopefully, you can zoom in and see the picture.

Each question will expect yes/no answer. If your answer happens to be No, that’s possibly the most logical next step in the evolution. Each step will assert certain qualities of CD.

For example,

If the answer for “Quality discussions part of Sprint planning” is “No”, then its unlikely that the whole team owns quality, may be, someone in the team cares about quality, creates and maintains test automation. Recommended next step is to elevate Quality awareness within the team. Some tips here.

If the answer for “QA/Test automation task part of story DoD” is “No”, then its possible that your story is not truly complete to be ready for production push. Also, its possible that there is separate Automation backlog might be running in parallel apart from Sprint stories. Recommended approach is to visualize testing tasks/automation needs part of planning process and implement them part of the story. In order to enforce this, you might need to redefine the DoD as appropriate. Some tips here.

Of course, we need to combine similar maturity model from other aspects such as code quality, unit testing, build and deployment along with quality practices and improve the system as whole to realize tangible benefits. As we progress, It’ll be interesting to measure the lead time to deliver, feedback loop and production readiness.

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