#perfmatters, run Taurus(Jmeter) tests on Blazameter cloud

In my previous posts, talked about running Taurus tests locally or on your on-premise Jmeter lab infrastructure. I wanted a way to run these Taurus load tests from the blazemeter cloud infrastructure for obvious reasons, started playing around with Blazemeter’s REST APIs and contacted them for some questions. They were kind enough to open up beta access to their cloud provisioning capability that they were working on at that time and now its public.

The final outcome is something great. From the test perspective, you will just describe your cloud vs local configurations. Bzt runner will take care of creating jmeter tests appropriately, upload them your cloud account, provision necessary infrastructure in different regions as per your configurations, run the test and publish the results to both local Taurus console output and Blazemeter as well.

This is pretty seamless and simple.


In the above script, follow the stars, those are the configurations that you need ignorer to run your test on the blazemeter cloud.

  1. create an account in blazemeter cloud and get the API token
  2. determine locations to simulate virtual users for your test (see locations above, grab more locations from here)
  3. determine the load configurations, number of concurrent users, throughput, rampup time, holdup time, iterations etc

While running the test, supply this extra switch -o provisioning = cloud

If the test is executed without -o switch, bzt will take local settings and use your local resources.

Of course it needs more thoughtful work to mimic real user load pattern from production but this capability is very useful for developers to get started, listen to the feedback and fine tune the code instead of waiting for another external performance testing team. More documentation here.

Road to better and true agile development, encourage #perfmatters, close to true doneness when the story is done and less leftover techdebts.


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